About Us

IRBG was originally registered as a result of my passion for golf, not to mention it is the holding company for our Clublink Corporate membership at Greystone Golf Club. In my quest to be the best I can be,  I started to tweak and then build my own equipment.

I eventually purchased the equipment and set up a full service club building shop. We very quickly learned that the big names in golf equipment were just that, a big name with huge overheads. With no disrespect to the big guys, we learned that business is business and that they can not offer everyday golfers the same level of perfection that they offer the high priced pros that endorse their equipment. For the most part, the big name clubs that you may purchase off the rack are assembled in mass on an assembly line somewhere. Quite simply, they can not afford the time it takes to produce a properly matched set for each golfer so they offer a product that is good for the general public.

If you are like me, I wanted more than that. I wanted to know my equipment was the best it could be for me. I, quite frankly, was not concerned about the general publics golf game! That is what drove me first to customization of my own clubs and then sharing that with others.

From this website, you can purchase excellent value sets, as well as top of the line sets, but all are assembled as individual sets, one set at a time. We use top quality equipment from Companies such as Nventix, Swing Science, True Temper, Geek Golf, Krank Golf.

We frequency check all of our shafts prior to assembling the components. We ensure that each shaft / club head are matched to ensure that they are all the proper flex, and progress according to proper club building practices. We can now offer the option of the True Length Technology.

We are a proud certified member of the International Clubmakers Guild. We use the PCS established flex software (Equalizer) to ensure that the flex rating off my equipment will test the same on another builder’s piece of equipment set up using the same software. We take pride in what we offer to our customers.

We have sold our products around the world, and have yet to have a set returned or even a single complaint. We pride ourselves in our products and services, but most importantly enjoy making our customers game more enjoyable.


Please Browse our site, and come back as often as you like. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call.  If you do not see it ….ask. Enjoy and Hit ’em Straight!







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