It is always a question: custom built golf clubs  or buy off the rack.

Both will cost close to the same amount but there may be an added fitting charge.

Benefits of component golf clubs

Take control of your game. Components give you the advantage of constructing a club that works with your individual swing. Mixing and matching component parts creates the total compliment of clubs to support your game. By selecting lofts and club angles that work with you, the technology gains the added distance on the golf course. Need spin? No spin? Lower center of gravity or higher? More length from heel to toe, or less surface area? Heavier club? Lighter club? Drivers? Fairway Woods? Irons? At KGS-you can have it anyway you like it.

Our suppliers have created a line of drivers, fairway woods, irons and even shafts, that are forgiving, allowing for a solid hit, even with a flawed swing. They allow the average player the ability to play like a pro.Our Quality Suppliers include Swing Science Golf, Raven Golf, Enzo, Geek Golf, Krank Golf and Pure Golf Grips. Let’s not forget the importance of assembly. Custom clubs are not only built to fit you, they are also assembled in such a way to give you the best golf your game will allow.Your club builder will assemble your components to maximize each component being used. Your club builder will frequency match your entire set, Flo your graphite shafted clubs and spine align your steel shafted club. Your club builder will ensure the weights match, the grips fit and that you are happy.These are all things that you can not get off the rack at any one golf store. Be sure to see a custom club builder to improve your golf experience!

Why Custom Fitting? There have been many articles written, and many questions asked about custom fitting! Golf magazine published an article in the February 2011 issue with the results of their independent custom fitting test. Their findings published on page 64 are…..

From Golf Digest, Nov’09, p.28


Q. What is the best tip you would give to a beginner?
(Anne Patterson, Boulder, CO)
A. Find clubs that fit you. It will save you a ton of aggravation from the start. Make sure they aren’t too short, long or heavy. Otherwise, you’ll adapt your swing to the equipment in a way that might not be technically sound. It’s easy to get fit, and it really does matter.

We have been saying this for years and now the best player in the world Validates our recommendations!

If you are interested in a custom fitting or adjusting your clubs properly using our True Length Technology program please give us a call.

Remember , we are a ICG Certified golf club builder. We also repair and re grip golf clubs.

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Certified Club Maker

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